Global Fan Exchange

Led by established leaders across sports and entertainment, Global Fan Exchange “GFX” is a next generation fan engagement platform giving fans the opportunity to invest, drive awareness, and share in the success of celebrity ventures. Through GFX’s affiliation with Upstream, the goal is for these shares to trade amongst fans on the regulated stock exchange and trading app.

Athletes and celebrities are offered an innovative fan engagement and financing solution while building a loyal group of brand ambassadors who have a vested interest in their ventures. Fans are offered the opportunity to engage with celebrities and athletes in an entirely new way, receive dividends, and eventually trade their holdings with other fans. The future of fan engagement is here.

Invest in athletes
Invest in athletes

Powered by Horizon

Horizon is a leading fintech company offering a complete one-stop shop for securities trading and compliance technology.

Horizon Sports X provides securities issuance, KYC/AML onboarding and dividend payment services for issuers and investors alike..

Advisory board includes sports, media & entertainment pioneers

Why we are different

Alternative celebrity financing

Innovative venture financing

Each offering is personalized to fit the celebrity or athlete’s goals. The capital raised enables celebrities to jump start their ventures with meaningful capital.

Ultimate fan-engagement platform

Brand-building with a purpose

Because we use equity crowdfunding, celebrities and athletes may legally promote the opportunity to fans and invite them to own a stake in their future.

Advised by industry leaders

Established athletes and entertainers

GFX’s strategic advisory board includes media heavyweights and sports leaders to ensure each offering is best suited for the celebrities and athletes.

Programmed Investor Protections


We combine Wall Street (Finance) and Silicon Valley (Tech) to ensure celebrities are protected and compliance requirements are met utilizing our proprietary technology.

1st to market

First-mover advantage

GFX has a first-mover advantage, with what we believe to be the only complete platform and app to support fan engagement offerings and trading.

Complete technology platform

Accessible marketplace

Fans participate for as little as $25. After any holding period, we aim to make shares available to trade on the Upstream trading app. International shares may trade immediately.

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